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Owner & Yoga Teacher

My path to yoga came about as my oldest child began preparing to attend college. I was often contemplating what I could do to reinvent myself at this point in my life. I attended my first yoga class at the encouragement of a close friend and was immediately attracted to the calming and restorative effects of yoga. No matter what kind of yoga class it was, I always left feeling transformed. I soon realized that practicing yoga has so many benefits for both body and mind. I decided to pursue yoga teacher training to share my love of yoga and in September 2016, I graduated from Zen Studio & Healing Arts as a RYT 200. I am a life student of yoga and enjoy attending workshops, taking classes and reading anything that has to do with yoga!

Uniting the breath with the mind and body is the heart of yoga. When we are able to achieve this, we open ourselves up to realizing physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. The classes that I lead are breath centered and alignment based, with instructive cueing, creative sequencing and a sprinkling of yoga philosophy. My goal is to pass my love of yoga to my students and help them feel happy, healthy and whole!

"The tree that bends doesn't break"


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