The Winter Solstice marks the shortest day of the year for the northern hemisphere, it also symbolizes the official beginning of winter.

Cultures from all over the world celebrate the solstice in many different ways. From Yule Logs to feasts with lots of special dances, there are plenty of ways to celebrate!

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Strong Body Gentle Mind

Agni is a Sanskrit word which means"transformation fire".  When this term is used in Ayurvedic and Yogic Teachings it refers to our inner ability to digest or transform the information we receive from the environment. Agni is the center of this dynamic process of giving and receiving. The stronger your Agni, the healthier is your physical and emotional metabolism.

Our story is about authenticity. It is about learning how to grow strong within the body that each of us inhabits at the present moment instead of forcing the change onto the physical and emotional body so each of us can fit it in a small predetermined box of “acceptable” and “normal”. We help our students find their own normal. And we all celebrate the discovery of their own acceptable limits.


Agni teachers use the three main principles to support yoga students’ journey towards healing and physical & emotional harmony. These principles are intelligence, mindfulness and kindness.


At Agni, teachers and students are guided by the intelligent design of the human body. Our goal is to respect and understand this design, not break it.



Staying connected to our yoga community during this unprecedented time is a major priority to us! We are continually inspired by the support our community has given us and so we continue to brainstorm, toss ideas around and carefully consider all options available to us in lieu of being together in the studio at this time. Thank you for your patience as we wrestle with various technical difficulties and other challenges!

Virtually Yours,

Deb & Sue